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Mixing is an incredibly important process In audio engineering.

Its the stage where all of the individual tracks in your song come together to ensure that it sounds as professional as possible.

In this process, a multitude of treatment is performed that includes balancing,EQ,Compression, automation, alignment, effects, and more. 


Mastering is one of the most crucial steps in audio engineering. Its the last stage before an album or single is released. This is where each song is level balanced, frequencies recieve final treatment, and any other adjustments/enhancements to the mix are completed. Mastering is what takes a recoded and mixed song to a professional level for CD/Streaming and radio play. Each song receives a professional and unique approach to ensure it sounds as best as possible.


  we are able to deliver industry quality results, 24/7 customer service and the easiest experience around for the best pricing guaranteed! Since 2010 we've done work for clients in over 150 Countries, catering to all genres and styles of music.


 Our audio mixing & mastering services start at $100 and include 2 revisions with a 7 business day turnaround (or 2 with the Rush Service) and we ALWAYS guarantee that your music will remain 100% confidential.

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Your Music Like You've
Never Heard Before

At Audio Masters, our goal is to enhance music productions to compete with commercial music that’s being distributed to stores.

Whether you’re a small or big artist, we simply put the same effort into the mixing & mastering of your music like it is going to be the next big global hit.

Why would you pay hundreds of dollars to recognized mastering houses when you can get the same or better quality for less money? Think like a pro, think Audio Masters Mixing & Mastering.


 I usually try to mix my own music but I sent Audio Masters my mix and asked him to see if he could improve it. It startled me how much of a difference he made. The instruments that I thought sounded nice and clear suddenly became out of the woods and hit me in the face. He certainly knows his way around EQ and balance. I will be looking forward to see what he will do on my next project. Highly recommended!